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What Is Social Facilitation Definition and Examples

Social facilitation refers to the finding that people sometimes work more effectively on a task when they’re around others. The phenomenon has been studied for over a century, and researchers have found that it occurs in some situations but not in others, depending on the type of task and context. Key Takeaways: Social Facilitation Social facilitation refers to the finding that people sometimes perform better on tasks when others are around.The concept was first proposed by Norman Triplett in 1898; psychologist Floyd Allport labeled it social facilitation in 1920.Whether or not social facilitation occurs depends on the type of task: people tend to experience social facilitation for tasks that are straightforward or familiar. However, social inhibition (decreased performance in the presence of others) occurs for tasks that people are less familiar with. History and Origins In 1898, Norman Triplett published a landmark paper on social facilitation. Triplett enjoyed bicycle racing, and he noticed that many cyclists seemed to ride faster when they were racing with other riders, compared to when they were riding alone. After examining official records from a cycling association, he found that this was indeed the case—records for races where another rider was present were faster than records for â€Å"unpaced† rides (rides where the cyclist was trying to beat someone else’s time, but no one else was currently racing on the track with them). In order to test experimentally whether the presence of others makes people faster at a task, Triplett then conducted a study that has been considered one of the first experimental social psychology studies. He asked children to try to turn a reel as quickly as possible. In some cases, the children completed the task by themselves and, at other times, they competed with another child. Triplett found that, for 20 of the 40 children studied, they worked faster during competitions. Ten of the children worked more slowly in competitions (which Triplett suggested could be because competition was overstimulating), and 10 of them worked equally quickly whether they were in competition or not. In other words, Triplett found that people sometimes work more quickly in the presence of others—but that this doesn’t always happen. Does Social Facilitation Always Happen? After Triplett’s studies were conducted, other researchers also began to investigate how the presence of others impacts task performance. (In 1920, Floyd Allport became the first psychologist to use the term social facilitation.) However, research into social facilitation led to contradictory results: sometimes, social facilitation occurred, but, in other cases, people did worse at a task when someone else was present. In 1965, psychologist Robert Zajonc suggested a potential way of resolving the discrepancy in social facilitation research. Zajonc reviewed prior research and noticed that social facilitation tended to occur for relatively well-practiced behaviors. However, for tasks that people were less experienced with, they tended to do better when they were alone. Why does this happen? According to Zajonc, the presence of other people makes people more likely to engage in what psychologists call the dominant response (essentially, our â€Å"default† response: the type of action that comes most naturally to us in that situation). For simple tasks, the dominant response is likely to be effective, so social facilitation will occur. However, for complex or unfamiliar tasks, the dominant response is less likely to lead to a correct answer, so the presence of others will inhibit our performance on the task. Essentially, when you’re doing something you’re already good at, social facilitation will occur and the presence of other people will make you even better. However, for new or difficult tasks, you’re less likely to do well if others are around. Example of Social Facilitation To give an example of how social facilitation might work in real life, think about how the presence of an audience might affect a musician’s performance. A talented musician who has won numerous awards might feel energized by the presence of an audience, and have a live performance that’s even better than practiced at home. However, someone who is just learning a new instrument might be anxious or distracted by the pressure of performing under an audience, and make mistakes they wouldn’t have made when they practiced alone. In other words, whether or not social facilitation occurs depends on someone’s familiarity with the task: the presence of others tends to improve performance on tasks people already know well, but tends to decrease performance on unfamiliar tasks. Evaluating the Evidence for Social Facilitation In a paper published in 1983, researchers Charles Bond and Linda Titus examined the results of social facilitation studies and found some support for Zajonc’s theory. They found some evidence of social facilitation for simple tasks: on simple tasks, people produce a greater quantity of work if others are present (though this work wasn’t necessarily better quality than what people produce when they’re alone). They also found evidence of social inhibition for complex tasks: when the task was complicated, people tended to produce more (and to do work that was higher quality) if they were alone. Comparison to Related Theories A complementary theory in social psychology is the theory of social loafing: the idea that people may exert less effort on tasks while they are part of teams. As psychologists Steven Karau and Kipling Williams explain, social loafing and social facilitation occur under different circumstances. Social facilitation explains how we act when the other people present are observers or competitors: in this case, the presence of others can improve our performance on a task (as long as the task is one we have already mastered). However, when the other people present are our teammates, social loafing suggests that we may exert less effort (potentially because we feel less responsible for the group’s work) and our performance on a task may be decreased. Sources and Additional Reading: Bond, Charles F., and Linda J. Titus. â€Å"Social Facilitation: A Meta-Analysis of 241 Studies.†Ã‚  Psychological Bulletin, vol. 94, no. 2, 1983, pp. 265-292., Donelson R. Group Dynamics. 4th ed., Thomson/Wadsworth, 2006., Steven J. and Kipling D. Williams. â€Å"Social Facilitation and Social Loafing: Revisting Triplett’s Competition Studies.† Social Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies. Edited by Joanne R. Smith and S. Alexander Haslam, Sage Publications, 2012., Norman. â€Å"The Dynamogenic Factors in Pacemaking and Competition.†Ã‚  The American Journal of Psychology, vol. 9, no. 4, 1898, pp. 507-533., Robert B. Social Facilitation.  Science,  vol. 149, no. 3681, 1965, pp. 269-274. https://w

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Spudspycase - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 481 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2017/09/24 Category Advertising Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? 09/08/10 SPUDSPY CASE SpudSpy Case Questions 1. Why are Henderson and Huang so upset? Should they be? Anderson and Huang were upset because Thad Simcoe and Avi Rothman intentionally wanted to claim the technology as the inventors. In their meeting with Catherine Huang they did not tell her that they were working on a business plan to bring the remote soil pH sensing approach to commercialization. In their discussion with Catherine’s colleagues they posed as the invertors. They even went as far as talking to their attorney friend about carving out a specific application of SpudSpy from the original patent belonging to Catherine and Anderson. This goes to tell that either, Thad and his partner didn’t know how unethical their intentions were or they were blinded by over ambition. Yes Anderson and Catherine should be upset because this is a technology that they put in time and effort to invent, and someone else is trying to come in and sideline them. 2. Can this project be salvaged? I believe major damage has not been done, the students almost crossed the line but fortunately for them they were brought to caution. The project can be salvaged if Anderson and Catherine agree to work with the students and see how to commercialize the technology. The students, fortunately, have passion for the idea, so they have the charisma and spirit to make it happen. Because let’s face the facts Catherine has not been able to move forward with this idea, she needs a team. I believe she would make a great team with Thad and Avi. 3. What is your assessment of Cohen’s role so far? What would you recommend to Cohen for his next steps? What are his options? Cohen is doing a great job with his entrepreneurial class. His method of teaching the class is motivating. The students strive to produce a business plan that would actually convince a venture capitalist to part with his money. It not only exposes the students but also opens doors of oppor tunities for them. In regards to the situation, Cohen should arrange a meet between Anderson, Catherine, Thad and Avi. Try and settle the case amicably, convince Catherine and Anderson to work with the Students, pointing out the fact that the project has generated broad interest and possibility of new funding for the engineering school if it turns out to be a success. . What can we do to avoid these problems in our class projects? To avoid this sort of thing happening again, first all business school students should read about this case and the follow up. During these kinds of projects students should check with their instructor before and after any correspondence they have with the inventors, parties of interest and other stakeholders. This way the instructor would know if and when they doing anything that is unethical or against regulations and pull them back. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Spudspycase" essay for you Create order

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Essay about The Black Death - 1660 Words

Since the beginning of civilization, humanity has battled with the forces of nature in order to survive. One of the most terrifying of these forces is disease. Diseases can come in many different forms. They are caused by many things, such as viruses, bacteria, and some are even non-infectious and can be transmitted genetically. A select few of these ailments, called pandemics, are highly contagious and can afflict mass amounts of people in a short period of time. One example of a pandemic is the Black Death. It swept through Europe in the 14th century, killing an estimated 75 million people and causing the collapse of the Feudal system. The Black Death is considered one of the deadliest pandemics in history because of the speed of its†¦show more content†¦The people tried to get rid of the corpses, but it was far too late. The disease was in the city. The Tartars retreated, and the Genoese boarded ships to Sicily. As a result, the plague followed them to Europe. By spring 1348, the plague hit London, which at the time was a crowded city with a population of about 70,000 (Ibeji). Living conditions in the 1300s were filthy, and nothing like they are today. Butchers would clean animals in front of their shops and leave the blood covering the ground. The people would empty their chamber pots (a bowl shaped container used as a toilet) out of their windows onto the streets. For these reasons, along with ships full of plague victims sailing through the city, the plague flourished. In 1349 The Scots heard of this English plague and believed the English were being punished by God (Ibeji). They gathered and prepared to invade England, but without warning, soldiers began to die out in rididiculous numbers. Before they could even launch the invasion, most of the army was dead. The remaining army decided to retreat back to their home country. Consequently, soon after they returned the plague was in full swing in Scotland. In just a few short years, it had spread all the way across Europe, and massive amounts of people were dying every day. People had never seen anything like this before and were terrified to walk out of their front door. MostShow MoreRelatedThe Black Of Black Death939 Words   |  4 Pageshistory few events seem as cataclysmic as the Black Death. The Black Death was actually one of the most deadly pandemics in human history. This awful pandemics most devastating time in Europe was between 1348 and 1350. According to some estimates it wiped out at least two-thirds of Europe’s population. A Malmesbury monk from Wiltshire wrote that, â€Å"Over England as a whole a fifth og men, women and children were carried to the grave.† (James â€Å"Black Death: The lasting impact†) Many epidemiologists stillRead MoreThe Death Of The Black Death1148 Words   |  5 PagesThe Black Death, one of the greatest natural disaster to hit Europe thus causing the death of many people in the most horrific manner and cause the end of feudalism. This was a disaster that affected one third of the European continent and also one that no one was prepared to face. It killed more people than during a war and it impacted simple lives of people, their culture, religion and the economy as a whole. The origin of The Black Death has several explanations. Some people said The Black DeathRead MoreThe Death Of The Black Death905 Words   |  4 Pagesgrew were dying. On the wake of these seven distressing years of weather and famine was the greatest plague of all times, The Black Death. In 1347 AD, The Black Death began spreading throughout Western Europe. Over the time span of three years, the widespread epidemic killed one third of the population in Europe with pretty near twenty five million people dead. The Black Death killed many more Europeans than any other endemic or war up to that time, vastly impacting the Church, the people, and the economyRead MoreThe Death Of The Black Death1380 Words   |  6 PagesThe Black Death was a very important time in history and, while devastating, it led to many advances in medicine due to the mass spread of a new deadly disease. The 14th Century encompassed the time period of January 1, 1301 to December 31, 1400. When this disease struc k, Ole J. Benedictow calculates that it killed about 50 million people in Europe alone, which was about 60% of Europe’s population at the time. That being said, the Black Death, often referred to as the Bubonic Plague, clocked inRead MoreThe Death Of The Black Death2017 Words   |  9 PagesThe Black Death The pandemic known to history as the Black Death was one of the world’s worst natural disasters in history. It was a critical time for many as the plague hit Europe and â€Å"devastated the Western world from 1347 to 1351, killing 25%-50% of Europe’s population and causing or accelerating marked political, economic, social, and cultural changes.† The plague made an unforgettable impact on the history of the West. It is believed to have originated somewhere in the steppes of central AsiaRead MoreThe Black Death1386 Words   |  6 Pagesatrocious and it made the perfect place for Yersinia Pestis to thrive. Yersinia Pestis is the virus responsible for the Black Death, a deadly disease that rapidly powered through Europe, killing nearly all of the people in its way. The Black Death had a lot of gruesome and terrifying symptoms that made bystanders sick just watching. Certain people were more likely to acquire the Black Death than others. Since peasants had worse l iving conditions than the nobility, they were far more likely to catch theRead MoreThe Black Death1386 Words   |  6 Pagesatrocious and it made the perfect place for Yersinia Pestis to thrive. Yersinia Pestis is the virus responsible for the Black Death, a deadly disease that rapidly powered through Europe, killing nearly all of the people in its way. The Black Death had a lot of gruesome and terrifying symptoms that made bystanders sick just watching. Certain people were more likely to acquire the Black Death than others. Since peasants had worse living conditions than the nobility, they were far more likely to catch theRead MoreThe Black Death1349 Words   |  6 Pagesatrocious and it made the perfect place for Yersinia Pestis to thrive. Yersinia Pestis is the virus responsible for the Black Death, a deadly disease that rapidly powered through Europe, killing nearly all of the people in its way. The Black Death had a lot of gruesome and scary symptoms that made bystanders sick just watching. Certain people were more likely to acquire the Black Death than others. Since peasants had worse living conditions than the nobility, they were far more likely to catch the PlagueRead MoreThe Black Death831 Words   |  4 PagesTHE BLACK DEATH! What Is The Black Death? The Black Death is a disease that went on for over 5 years. It also spread around a wide range of places! It killled and harmed thousands upon thousands of people and had no mercy. If you were to sadly catch the Black Death, you would DEFINITELY die and there was many cures and causes however none of the causes actually worked also all of causes were thought to be a punishment from God. Once you knew you had the Black DeathRead MoreThe Black Death1203 Words   |  5 PagesWhat were the short term and long term impacts of the Black Death on Medieval society? The Black Death is one of the most fatal diseases in human history and took its peak in Europe from 1348 to 1350. Half of Europe’s population was wiped out due to this disease and the short and long term impacts greatly affected the structure of Medieval Society. The Black Death or otherwise known as the plague was thought to have begun in Central Asia, which spread down the Silk Road and eventually to Europe

Essay on Fair Credit Reporting Act and Personal Finance

Syllabus College of Humanities FP/120 Version 3 Essentials of Personal Finance Copyright  © 2012, 2011, 2009 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description This course provides an overview of the elements necessary for effective personal financial planning and the opportunity to apply the techniques and strategies essential to this understanding. Primary areas of study include creating and managing a personal budget, understanding and paying taxes, working with financial institutions, wise use of credit cards and consumer loans, financing automobiles and homes, and the use of insurance for protecting one’s family and property. Policies Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for†¦show more content†¦Participation Participate in class discussion. Post at least two substantive posts on four separate days of the week 2 Discussion Questions Respond to weekly discussion questions. Reply to at least three DQs for the week 2 Nongraded Activities and Preparation Annual Credit Report Go to, a site authorized by the Federal Trade Commission to provide free consumer credit reports. Explore the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn about credit reporting, credit improvement, information correction, identity theft, and other topics. Learning Team Learning Team Charter Create the Learning Team Charter. Day 5 2 Individual Current Economic State Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you research the current state of the economy. Include answers the following: †¢ Is the current economy expanding or contracting? Why? †¢ What is the current prime rate? †¢ What are the current interest rates on credit cards? †¢ What is the current unemployment rate? †¢ What is the current inflation rate? †¢ What is the current Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? Illustrate your answers with specific examples. Conclude your paper by summarizing how the state of the economy influences an individual’s personal financial choices. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Day 5 5 Learning Team The Five C’s Worksheet Complete Appendix E: The Five C’s Worksheet. Identify which of the five C’s corresponds to eachShow MoreRelatedCredit Reporting And The Major Players1062 Words   |  5 PagesThe credit-reporting system and the major players I. Credit-reporting agencies Credit-reporting agencies are charged with collecting, storing and maintaining information on consumers and some businesses. The agencies primarily store debt repayment patterns of consumers, but some may also store and report debt repayment behavior of small businesses. Traditionally, credit-reporting companies have been known to focus on consumers’ payment patterns. However, in more re- cent times, it is becomingRead MoreEssay on Reforming Credit Laws1435 Words   |  6 PagesCredit allows consumers to finance transactions without having to pay the full cost of the merchandise at the time of the purchase. A common form of consumer credit is a credit card account issued by a financial institution. Merchants may also provide financing for products which they sell. Banks may directly finance purchases through loans and mortgages. Consumers imperatively rely on credit, so it is necessary that credit laws help protect the consumer. I will discuss some of the major credit lawsRead MoreThe Role Of Human Resource Management Essay1631 Words   |  7 Pageswith recruiting and matching employees with the right positions that fit their qualifications (Bianca, 2016). Hiring a strong workforce is a primary goal of human resource management. There are many challenges and guidelines put into place to ensure fair practices in recruiting are followed. The Equal Employment Opport unity Commission is the agency responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against an applicant or employee based on race, color, religion, sex, nationalRead MoreEmployment and Public Contracts Act1143 Words   |  5 Pages1. Which Act sets the minimum wage , and what is the current wage rate? The Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum wage.The current minimum wage is $7.25/h. 2. Under the FLSA, what information concerning the employees wages earned must be maintained by the employer? 1. Day and time of day when work-week begins. 2. Regular hourly rate of pay. 3. Basis of wage payments 4. Hours worked each day 5. Hours worked each week. 6. Daily or weekly straight -time pay. 7. Amount natureRead MoreThe And Exchange Commission s Mission Essay1064 Words   |  5 Pagesmission is to â€Å"protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.† The purpose of this paper is to examine three recent federal security laws to see if they uphold all parts of the SEC’s mission. The three laws to examine are Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002); Emergency Economic Recovery Stabilization Act (2008); and Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (2010). The Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002) passed after the Enron fiasco of theRead MoreAcademic Ethics And Academic Integrity Essay1276 Words   |  6 PagesAcademic ethics are the moral codes or the shared standards of an academic enterprise and the core of its success (Occidental College, 2016). Basically, academic ethics require each student, to be honest, responsible, fair, respectful, give credit where it is due, turn in their original work, and e tc. (Michigan State University, n.d.). Academic integrity requires students to do their own work without unauthorized help from others, cheating, lying, plagiarizing, and stealing (Valdosta State UniversityRead MoreServus Credit Union Ltd1618 Words   |  7 PagesServus Credit Union Introduction Servus credit union Ltd is a financial institution which is a community based company, and it is owned by the members of this union. It is based in Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. It is one of the areas largest credit union. Servus union was created as a merger of several regional credit unions in Alberta. These various credit unions have different histories and their roots go way back to 1938. The company was formerly known as Capital City Saving and Credit UnionRead MoreGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles1491 Words   |  6 Pagesnot directly set accounting standards, in the belief that the private sector has better knowledge and resources. US GAAP is not written in law, although the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that it be followed in financial reporting by publicly-traded companies. Currently, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is the highest authority in establishing generally accepted accounting principles for public and private compan ies, as well as non-profit entities. For localRead MoreA Brief Note On Taxation And Business Decisions1657 Words   |  7 Pagesstandards should be based on the company beliefs, behaviors, and decisions that employees will make on a day to day basis. Therefore, due to ongoing demands for high quality reporting of economic, regulatory, or global forces the Financial Accounting Standards Board has been trying to make significant changes for business reporting. An individual personality will affect their judgement at all times. According to Jones (1991) there are six elements of compliance and ethics: †¢ Written standards of ethicalRead MorePurpose Of Financial Services2756 Words   |  12 PagesAccording to financial services are the financial services provided by the finance industry, such as credit unions, banks, and credit-card companies that manage money. Financial services companies are present in all economically developed geographic locations. (, 2017) My current financial service providers are Leaders Credit Union, Regions Bank, and Bank of America. Leaders Credit Union provides me with a checking, savings, vacation club, Christmas club, and side share

Analysis of Business Applications in BIA Company †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Analysis of Business Applications in BIA Company. Answer: Introduction The company Benefit Investment Agency is considered to be a very old department of the government which was established in the year 1940. Its main business purposes include providing financial services to the public servants and the clients associated with superannuation funds. Moreover, in the year of 1970, their business service was expanded to meet the demands of the financial services. Their services include life insurance, superannuation (management and planning), financial planning based services and related aspects. These were mainly provided for the employees of the state government and the public servants retiree. The utilization of business applications are mainly involved with the analysis of the associated problems with the system such that it can be addressed in a proper way. This helps in meeting the demands of the business and on the same time reduce the resource needed for achieving them. The business applications can be termed as application specific software which is intended for the sole purpose of solving only one requirement. For this reason, these applications are developed in many companies and systems for meeting the demands of the system. This report lists all the problems associated with the BIA system. This report also lists the stakeholders of the system. Lastly, the tools and techniques that can be used for the analysis of the system problems are also been discussed in this report. No changes in infrastructure: The Company has made no changes in their current infrastructure due to the fact the staff associated is not taking any action. Higher customer services: The Company is mainly involved in providing higher customer services to their clients. This has led the clients to come and have a long conversation with the staffs. This results in the company losing some of their revenues in addressing this. Government related problems: The changes in the government policy due to the passing of newer legislation were the first problems ever faced by the company. The government forced the company to change their status to a profit making organization. This was followed by the company to show their profit and losses and maintain taxes. Moreover, the main consideration of the government was that the company must not get loss from their services. Changes in policy: The changes in the policy of the superannuation as imposed by the government made the company very financially weak. This was mainly because there were a lot of processes involved in the compliance policies for superannuation and thus, this resulted in the increase of cost of the services to maintain profits. As a result, this had to be considered for keeping the business alive in the market. Lack of modification: The maintenance of the business application has been considered for meeting the demands of the business. However, the old staffs of the company are not able to modify the system. Industry competition: As the company rates for services were considered to be very high as compared to the industry standards, the need to address them was required. This is mainly to be done for retaining the public service customers as they are getting a choice for investing their superannuation funds in whichever service they want. Outsourcing business: The Company has decided to outsource their business system to Alcatraz who is comprised of staffs for the modern system. As a result, the company is being charged much for the services. Risks: The policies of the government have been subjected to changes in the system and Hugh is aware of the fact that the involvement of SAS is a risk to the system. Programming language: As the company was involved with the use of COBOL programming language for their business applications, it became a problem to maintain them. Moreover, it was done by outsourcing the applications to Alcatraz Company which was responsible for considering their business solutions. This was also responsible for increasing the cost for maintenance as they were charging much amount due to this. Staff based problems: The front office staff of the company considered themselves to excel in their services but this is the reason for the allocation of company resources. Replacing staff: The Company has been recommended to outsource their solutions to a BPO which will replace the staff networks of the company. Problem specification For this report, the IT related problem is adopted. The requirement for solving the IT based system is considered for this section. The IT based problem needs to be solved because an old system which runs in the COBOL programming environment is costing a lot to maintain by the company. Moreover, the third party company is also asking for a much amount to BIA Company for maintains their system. This result the companies to lose a lot amount of resources for maintaining them. As a result, this must be solved in an effective manner such that it can be used to meet the demands of the business in the future. Approach to the problematic situation Problem/Situation Absolution The manager of the company can try to ignore the problems. This will lead to the company incurring losses from their business. Resolution The company can decide to implement past experiences of outsourcing. This will remove the old staffs in the system and will give rise to remote monitoring. Solution: This problem is to be treated with the highest priority as this is the main business application which supports the processing of the company. In case the company is able to make in-house software system by considering all the demands associated of the businesses it can be able to meet the requirement with a lesser amount of expenditure faced for achieving them. Dissolution The company can change the aspect of their environment by reducing the time spent by the customers for counseling. This will reduce the customer satisfaction rate. According to the four ways of Russel Ackoff framework, the need to consider the solutions is required. This will be done by adopting the third aspects of the framework which involves making a solution. This will be done by commissioning the development of a project which helps in developing a system by using recent programming languages like Java or C (Forouzanfar et al. 2015). This will involve researching against the problem and analyzing for alternatives. In cases like this, the application of alternatives involves the adoption of third party solutions which will be responsible for acquisitioning charges for maintaining their solution. Specification of the problems Problem name Description No changes in infrastructure This is a soft problem as this is dependent on the management decisions perception. Higher customer service This is a problem of the soft level as the satisfaction level is dependent on the type of services received. Government related problems This problem is termed as a hard problem mainly due to the fact that this problem is well-defined by the government associated. Changes in policy This is also a hard problem as this is also legislated by the government of the country associated with the company. Lack of modification This is a soft problem as this is dependent on the perceptions of the clients. Industry competition This is also a soft level problem as the market share is not regulated by the company. It has high liquidity rate and can be subjected to changes very often. Outsourcing business This is a hard problem as the regulations regarding the current system of BIA are maintained by Alcatraz. Risks This is also a hard risk as the policies are mainly due to the government regulations. Programming language This is a soft problem as the policies are dependent on the regulations of Alcatraz. Staff based problems This is also a soft problem as this is dependent on the perception of the front end staffs. Replacing staffs This is a hard problem due to the fact that the current staffs will be removed and remote monitoring will be provided which will be regulated by Alcatraz. Stakeholders There are various stakeholders who are associated with the company. Government: The first stakeholder is the government and the need to maintain their actions is required. Clients: The next group of stakeholders is the customers or the clients associated with the company. They are the main source of income for the company (Restrepo, Uribe and Manotas 2018). Employees and staff: The third stakeholders are the employees who are responsible for the normal processing of the business operations. Alcatraz or the third party companies: The last stakeholders are the third party companies and the competitor companies. They are required for meeting the business objectives like staying on top of the market. There are various methods and tools which can be utilized for analyzing the network of the current business system (Reason 2016). This can be done by making a data flow diagram or by making a class diagram. Another network analysis tool is the sequence diagram and the UML diagram. These four tools are used for making an analysis of the processes involved. Conclusion Thus, it can be concluded that the company must include the development of its own resources if they need to consider the survival of their business processes. This will be done by addressing all the associated problems of the company such that the business prospects will survive. This report has thus listed all the problems that have been faced by the company. This report has also made a discussion of the associated problem and the stakeholders associated to it. Moreover, a problem description has also been discussed in the report along with a rich picture diagram depicting the whole process. References Barth, R.P. ed., 2017.Adoption and disruption: Rates, risks, and responses. Routledge. Forouzanfar, M.H., Alexander, L., Anderson, H.R., Bachman, V.F., Biryukov, S., Brauer, M., Burnett, R., Casey, D., Coates, M.M., Cohen, A. and Delwiche, K., 2015. Global, regional, and national comparative risk assessment of 79 behavioural, environmental and occupational, and metabolic risks or clusters of risks in 188 countries, 19902013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013.The Lancet,386(10010), pp.2287-2323. Gupta, A. and Jha, R.K., 2015. A survey of 5G network: Architecture and emerging technologies. IEEE access, 3, pp.1206-1232. Kittelmann, S., Buffry, A.D., Franke, F.A., Almudi, I., Yoth, M., Sabaris, G., Couso, J.P., Nunes, M.D., Frankel, N., Gomez-Skarmeta, J.L. and Pueyo-Marques, J., 2018. Gene regulatory network architecture in different developmental contexts influences the genetic basis of morphological evolution. bioRxiv, p.219337. Ladd, D., Reeves, R., Rumi, E., Trethewey, M., Fortescue, M., Appleby, G., Wilkinson, M., Sherwood, R., Ash, A., Cooper, C. and Rayfield, P., 2017. Technical Description of a Novel Sensor Network Architecture and Results of Radar and Optical Sensors contributing to a UK Cueing Experiment. In Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance (AMOS) Technologies Conference. Pezeshki, M., Fan, L., Brakel, P., Courville, A. and Bengio, Y., 2016, June. Deconstructing the ladder network architecture. In International Conference on Machine Learning (pp. 2368-2376). Reason, J., 2016.Managing the risks of organizational accidents. Routledge. Restrepo, N., Uribe, J.M. and Manotas, D., 2018. Financial risk network architecture of energy firms. Applied Energy, 215, pp.630-642.

Ferdinand Marcos Essay Example For Students

Ferdinand Marcos Essay Ferdinand Marcos’s Regime In about two months it will be the elections here in the Philippines. As I ponder about the candidates for president my mind goes back to all the history lectures I had about Ferdinand Marcos and his regime. He held the presidential seat for about twenty-one years and his time in power and even after power has always been controversial. I usually take cabs to get around, and it is common for cabs to have their radio on usually on the news station. Here in the Philippines, it is almost as if politics is the only news. It is what you’ll hear all day. As I sat in a cab one day and listened with the driver about the top presidential candidates Ninoy Aquino and Manny Villar, I started thinking about how either of them would lead this country that is struggling. I asked the driver who he was going to vote for and he said he didn’t know. He said he wished that there was someone like Ferdinand Marcos that he could vote for. Someone who will lead with a clear vision of the country’s direction. When he dropped me home, I researched about the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos. I asked myself how the taxi driver could ask for a person like Ferdinand Marcos while his regime was covered with controversies but then I recalled what my grandfather had told me years ago. He said that during the time of Marcos the Philippine was strong economically and that the country was advancing on an international level. My grandfather also told me though that although the country was strong it still had its flaws such as corruption, embezzlement issues and human rights violations. I believe that Marcos’s regime in the philippines was a significant event in history. There are frightening unproven stories about kidnap and murder and people disappearing during his years in power but I would like to have been there to see first-hand how the Philippines was during his rule. They say that it was beautiful, advancing and developing at a rather fast rate. I want to be able to judge for myself if Marcos was a good president or a corrupt and abusive one. I want to be there and see if his time was better than the one I live in now, if the Philippines was better under the hand of a man with a so called iron fist. Maybe a leader with an iron fist is what this country needs. As I researched about his regime I also came across an article of Marcos being blamed for Benigno Aquino’s assassination. As I read more about it I learned more about Aquino and compared him with his son who is now possible the next president of the Philippines. Aquino wanted Marcos’s regime to stop, if he had not been assassinated though will he be able to lead the country in the same level Marcos did without ruling with an iron fist? Will his son now we a good president if he is elected? Marcos’s rule was both a good and bad time in Philippine history, its so confusing but so sognificant, so controversial from economic strength which was good to martial law which people see as bad. It was a turning point in the country’s history. That is why I think it is significant, that’s why I chose it as my paper. That’s why if I could travel in time I’d like to be there to see it for myself.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Why Is Marijuana Legalized In Some States And Not Others

Table of Contents Introduction The Pros of Legalization of Marijuana The Cons of Legalization of Marijuana Conclusion Reference List Introduction Marijuana is a dangerous drug especially when misused and remains the most widely used illegal drug. Its source is the cannabis sativa plant from which flowers, leaves, and stems are mixed to make up the drug. Just like any other drug, it has some side effects on the consumer’s health for instance it cause difficulty in thinking and hence affecting problem solving, affects the memory and learning, leads to poor coordination and distorted perception.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Why Is Marijuana Legalized In Some States And Not Others? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It however has positive medical effects such as its use in cancer chemotherapy. There has been heated debate on the concept of legalization of marijuana especially due to the fact that it has got both positive and negative effects on an individual’s body. I am personally for the legalization of the drug as the negative effects are outweighed by the positive ones. The Pros of Legalization of Marijuana Legalization of marijuana entails granting the American people the permission to legally grow, trade, and even ingest marijuana. Some of the arguments for the legalization of marijuana include the fact that the drug is not as harmful as tobacco or even alcohol especially when taken in moderate quantities and the use of these two substances are legal despite their harm. Marijuana is also an essential drug in respect to the medical benefits accrued to it for instance in diseases like glaucoma, HIV AIDS and cancer especially in the chemotherapy sessions. The step towards prohibiting marijuana in most states in America has also exacerbated the indulgence in criminal activities as people find their way towards the use and trade in marijuana which could be avoided through l egalization and campaign for its proper use. Marijuana is also a very important source of income in the United States and the act of legalizing it would therefore result in more tax revenues (White, 2011). The Cons of Legalization of Marijuana Some of the drawbacks associated with the legalization of marijuana in the United States include the perception that the use of marijuana is immoral especially when based on religious and ethical grounds and hence its legalization is viewed to be a promotion of immorality and bad behavior. The use of marijuana is also considered to be an initial step towards the use and addiction to other harder drugs (like cocaine and heroin) and therefore its legalization is deemed to be an enhancement towards the use of all other drugs. The use of marijuana through smoking is also not only harmful to the user but also to the others who may inhale the smoke in the surrounding hence it is considered very harmful to the entire society.Advertising Looking for essay on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Another argument against the legalization of marijuana is the belief that it would increase the level of crime as those who are involved in the illegal business of marijuana are linked with other crimes and their imprisonment would reduce the chances for criminal activities (Ruschmann, 2004). Conclusion The reason for legalization of Marijuana in some states and not in others is due to the fact that different states view the use of marijuana differently, for instance, those that have recognized its essence in medical field such as in the chemotherapy of various diseases like California support its legalization. I consider the legalization of marijuana to be a positive step as its prohibition entails intrusion of personal freedom and just like any other substance it is only harmful when it is not taken in moderation. The pros of legalizing marijuana also outweigh the con s and the understanding of the benefits associated with marijuana is likely to change the mind of those opposing it. The prohibition will also not limit marijuana use and therefore there should be strategies towards its legalization combined with campaigns aimed at enlightening the people on the effects of its use. Reference List Ruschmann, P. (2004). Legalizing Marijuana. New York: InfoBase publishing. White, D. (2011). Pros and Cons of Legalization Marijuana. Retrieved from This essay on Why Is Marijuana Legalized In Some States And Not Others? was written and submitted by user Harley Finch to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.